Creative home storage solutions to make the most of your space

If your home is overwhelmed with clutter, not only does it look messy, it can be impossible to find things and adds extra stress to your life that you just don’t need.

Lack of storage space is the biggest cause of clutter, but even the smallest homes can have ample storage if you use your space well. Here are some great home storage solutions to rid yourself of the chaos!

Rolling storage

The space under your bed or couch can be really valuable! Get some low, flat storage boxes on wheels and that you can slide in and out and access easily.

Under the stairs storage

Space is at a premium in any terrace house or small apartment but the clever use of custom joinery can transformed most spaces.  While in most houses, the nook below the stairs goes to waste – why not add a fridge/freezer, a fully stocked pantry, and storage for those annoying things you need but don’t have anywhere to put or the kid’s toys?

PVC Pipe shoe rack

Find some PVC pipes of about 15cm diameter and cut them to the length of an average shoe. Stack them and glue them and you’ve got an instant shoe organiser!

Use shower curtain hooks

Finding somewhere to keep your handbags is a common problem. Grab some shower curtain hooks and use them in your wardrobe to hang your bags up.

Vertical racks for kitchen cupboards

Stacking your pans on top of one another is fine until you want to get use the one at the bottom! A bakeware organiser or stationery folder rack on its side makes a perfect vertical pan rack to stack your cooking items.

Use rotating corner shelves

Corner cupboards are a place where pots and pans are easily lost and forgotten about. Transform your corner cupboard into a storage haven with a wire rack that rotates. It makes perfect use of the space and nothing will get lost again.




Making the most of every space in your home is all about getting creative. Get things up off the floor, find a way to contain loose bits and bobs, and make use of your vertical space.

If you are looking for ways to save space in your home contact us to run through some ideas with you.