The rise of the home office

The Australian Bureau of Statistics say that 1 in 12 people now work from home, and that number is steadily growing. With this comes a rise in the need for a designated home workspace. This is important to keep work and home separate, and to provide a quiet and functional space that makes working from home productive and pleasant.

Whether you have a designated room for an office or use a corner of your lounge room, here are some ideas to inspire you:


If you have a permanent office room

If you can designate a whole room to be a permanent office, then you have the luxury of choosing a built in desk, filing cabinets, wall cupboards and shelves. Permanent offices can have fixtures hung on the walls, cables hidden behind skirting boards and can be designed with your needs in mind.

If your office doubles as aguest room

If you use your office occasionally and the room doubles as a guest room, a fold down desk might be a great option for you. When you need your desk, fold it down and you’ll also have access to your hidden shelving. When you don’t need it, fold the desk up and it hides the shelves and becomes inconspicuous.

If your office is part of another room

Creating an office space in the corner of a lounge room or under some stairs can be easily done without the office imposing on the living space. Bookcases can be built in so they become a grand feature of the room, and desks can be retro fitted so skirting boards don’t have to be removed. It’s very easy to create an area that’s functional, beautiful and efficient.




Customising your home office to suit your needs, your space and your family life is easy when there are so many practical options available. Please feel free contact us if you’d like some ideas for your home office.