How to make your bathroom cosy in winter

There’s nothing worse than the thought of getting out of your warm cosy bed on a cold winters’ morning, only to have to tiptoe and shiver your way into a freezing cold and uninviting bathroom.

Just about everyone starts their day with a visit to the bathroom, so it’s worth investing in a few items that will heat your bathroom and make the whole experience much more pleasant! Not only will you be able to dry off and get dressed in warmth, a heated bathroom will dry out more quickly after it’s been used.

Here are some of our favourite ways to heat your bathroom this winter:


Heat lamps

Heat lamps are an ideal way to heat a smaller bathroom because they provide instant heat as soon as they’re switched on. A good heat lamp will raise the air temperature quite significantly in a short period of time. In a larger bathroom they lose some of their efficiency, but you can fix this by installing more than one heat lamp.

Heated towel racks

Heated towel racks are popular because they provide a dual purpose. Not only do they give you the luxury of a snug, warm towel as soon as you jump out of the shower, but they radiate heat that passes through the towel and warms the air around it. The size of the rack and the position are important factors to consider, as they can take some time to warm up the air. A larger bathroom will need a larger towel rack.


Permanent bathroom heaters

If you have a big bathroom you might like to install a permanent heater, such as a radiator or bar heater. These can be mounted in or on the wall and wired up with your light switches to keep all the controls in one place. Radiator heaters will work best lower down, and can safely be installed at a lower height without the risk of burns. Bar heaters need to be installed higher up for safety reasons, as they put out a lot of heat and can cause burns.


Under floor heating

If your budget allows for it, under floor heating is the ultimate solution for bathroom heating. By heating the floor from underneath via electric coils or hydronic pipes, the heat rises, warming the coldest air and the bathroom tiles first. This can be a little bit pricey to set up, but it will last a long time, needs little to no maintenance and adds a great deal of value to your property.




Whatever the size of your bathroom and whatever your budget, there’s most certainly a way to heat your bathroom this winter. No more chilly sprints from the bed to the bathroom! How do you warm up your bathroom? We’d love to hear from you.