How to create a perfect hidden laundry

The laundry is often the space in your home that is small, cramped and messy. If your home is lacking the space for a designated laundry room, it’s still possible to have a workable space if you use a few clever concealing solutions to make the most of the space you do have.

With the rise in popularity of the front-loading washing machine, it’s easy to create a hidden laundry space. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about what might work in your home.

A laundry cupboard

If you have a large linen cupboard, you can take out the shelves and make way for a washing machine and dryer. Add a few smaller shelves where you have room for your laundry powder and cleaning needs.

A sliding wall

Sliding doors are a great space saver in themselves because they don’t need outward opening space. Simply open the doors when you need to use the laundry, and hide the laundry when it’s not in use or you have guests over.

An organised area

It’s not hard to store everything you need in one place if you just maximise the use of the space you have. This laundry has everything needed to clean and care for clothes, including a sewing kit, shoe care items and a jar for spare buttons.

A bathroom or kitchen cabinet

In very small apartments, there may not be any space for a laundry area. In this case, the washing machine and dryer can be put inside a bathroom or kitchen cupboard.

A laundry room or space has the potential for plenty of storage options. From hutches and hidden walls to shelves and cabinets, there’s bound to be an easy way to create a custom storage system for your home that works. Take a look at our range of hidden laundry options, and please call us if you’d like a point in the right direction!