Bellevue Hill Residence II

This project involved building a new three level, five bedroom, five-bathroom home in Bellevue Hill.

The build was particularly challenging as the site was set on a steep-sloping block. Vast amounts of contiguous piers enabled us to excavate a basement and pool from sand at the rear of the property.

The home is finished with stone floors and custom-made joinery throughout. In-slab hydronic heating keeps the floors and the entire house warm through winter.

Architect Mark Hurcum Design Practice
Interior Design Briony Fitzgerald Interior Design
Photography Karl Beath
Location Bellevue Hill, NSW

  • "We're pleased to say we absolutely made the right decision in choosing you as our builder. We have enjoyed and valued working with you. You should be proud of your team."

    Gina & Stephen Gottlieb, Homeowner