What’s on the Horizon – May 2020

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What’s on the Horizon May 2020

Project of the month

Darling Point Duplex
From the first time we saw the plans, we knew this iconic 5-storey residential project would be a challenge! Whilst just about every project we deal with is effectively a prototype, having never been built before on that site with that combination of structure and finishes, with nothing straight, nothing square, and nothing off the shelf, we were acutely aware that we would need to bring our A-game to be able to deliver a successful outcome to our client.

The unique site begged for something extraordinary to take advantage of the city and harbour views – both day and night.

Finishes including off-form concrete ceilings and Vitrocsa doors and windows with

Architecture – MCK Architects
Engineering – Demlakian Engineers
Project Management – Centurion Group
Images – Brett Boardman Photography, Alphaflight Aero
concealed frames required millimetre precision and careful planning and execution. The steel-framed multiple-curved roof required a waterproof PVC membrane, with another roof on top to allow the custom made mosaic lantern tiles to function as required across the entire roof and walls – side to side, bottom to top, and then down to the bottom again. Being a duplex, fire-rated windows and a non-combustible roof structure added to the complexity of this one-of-a-kind building.

Of course, inside the two apartments are resplendent with highly detailed custom-built joinery, a Dynalite smart home, sophisticated A/V, and hydronic-heated stone and terrazzo floors throughout.

We are so proud of our entire team of staff, subcontractors and suppliers that came together and shared their experience, expertise and passion to deliver this simply extraordinary project, and are grateful to our client for believing in us to deliver!
Click here for a timelapse of how we built this iconic project!
The final edit!

Waterproofing is the #1 thing to get right!

We re asked time and again what is our biggest focus, and the answer is always the same – the most important thing to get right on your upcoming build is WATERPROOFING.

Waterproofing often costs <2% of overall construction cost, but accounts for 80% of building defects!

The cost of repairing waterproofing defects is often 20x the cost of doing it right the first time.

Here are a few tips to watch out for, based around common mistakes that are easily avoidable:

1. Poor surface preparation – Prior to beginning waterproofing, make certain that the substrate is clean, and free of dust, distortions, debris or contaminants. 

2. Substrate moisture – Moisture can cause membranes to not adhere properly, bubble/blister, create pin holes or delaminate and ultimately to fail. Make sure the area you are waterproofing is nice and dry before you begin!

3. Use a primer – This will seal the substrate, and allow for a good bond for adhesion.

4. Get it designed – You may want to engage a waterproofing consultant to help get a solution that will work, and assist in getting several contractors to price apples with apples. They can also come on a routine basis and check that their design is being executed properly, giving you peace of mined that it was both designed and executed properly. You get the structural engineer to do so for the structure, the waterproofing is no less important! 

5. Always use a proper system! No matter what type of products you use – acrylic, polyurethane, PVC etc, make sure that the entire system of products used are all from the same manufacturer, and designed to be compatible and used together from the outset.

6. Poor workmanship – Use a licenced, specialist contractor, familiar with the system used. Ask for references from other clients, and try and see some of their work.
Employee of the month

This month we meet one of our Horizon Special Works site managers, Peter Senayment.

How long have you been at Horizon?
Four years

What do you love about your job?
I enjoy the problem solving and finding solutions to technical issues that occur during construction and remedial works.
What are you working on at the moment?
Currently my team and I are renovating a 1960’s heritage home in Northern Sydney that requires a new roof and an internal cosmetic overhaul.
What do you enjoy about working with architects and designers?
Architects and Designers are pushing the boundaries of conventional building techniques and designs, which in turn brings about a new set of problems, scenarios and challenges. This helps people such as myself challenge our skillset to achieve a unique or customized product and ultimately draw satisfaction from our workmanship, once we achieve our common objective.

Where were you born?
Johannesburg, South Africa

What has been your greatest professional achievement to date?
At 25 years old I was contracted to manufacture a large joinery package in South Africa, import the four containers into Australia and execute the installation in a fabulous Vaucluse home. Considering my age and experience at the time it was a defining project that ultimately set me on the path towards working on these outstanding projects with Horizon consistently.

What’s the most useful thing you’ve learned throughout your career?
Setting out is crucial, and you can take as much satisfaction from a well executed set out as you can from intricately crafted timberwork. I like to treat it as you would a meeting by trying to minimize interruptions or distractions.

Three people you’d have over for a BBQ?
Nelson Mandela (RIP), Michael Schumacher, and Nick Cummins for entertainment.

Favourite dessert?
Melktert or Mulva Pudding

What do you do outside of work?
Dependants are very dedicated job creators so when I’m not changing diapers – I Braai … Alot! (BBQ). Always wood or charcoal. NO GAS…EVER!
Recent news
It’s pretty much business as usual here at Horizon. All of our building sites remain open, and highly productive, despite the Pandemic issues. Of course, we are applying strict measure on site to make sure of the health and safety of all of our workers on site. We are eternally grateful that we have been allowed to continue to trade, and remain open to service our clients and provide for our families. We don’t take it for granted for a second, and realise that many in our community are not as fortunate.

Our office is closed, and all of our project management and accounts staff are working remotely from home. It has meant that we have to be even more organised and disciplined, but it has proven to us that we can function just as well as normal, even when spread out across the state.

One satisfying benefit from the recent issues is that it has proven to us that if we have a capable site manager and a trusted team of professional subcontractors and suppliers, we can deliver the same high level of experience, expertise and service anywhere – Be that in Bowral, Byron Bay, or Queenstown.
Cool Products
NIIO is an amazing art wall that can be hung in a home, office or gallery. Niio offers invitation-only access to curated art collections. Collectors, art enthusiasts and public installations can choose from ‘Artcasts’ – premium art collection subscriptions, or from ‘Catalogs’ featuring limited-edition works, available for purchase or rental.

Dulux Snapshot App

Snapshot, is the new colour matching device from Dulux.

Snapshot makes it easy to match the colour of any surface to over 5,000 colours from the Dulux World of Colour Series II.

Connect Snapshot® to your iOS device to store, manage and share your colours.

Under Construction

We have recently commenced a beachfront renovation of a home in Wamberal, on the Central Coast of NSW. The existing house is getting a complete facelift inside and out, and we have moved an entire team up there to get the job done!

We are working closely with long-time collaborators Design King Company and Partridge Engineers.
Our Bellevue Hill residence XI alterations & additions project is progressing smoothly, involving a new garage and internal access excavated at street level whilst retaining the house behind, and a major refurbishment of the existing house.

A great collaboration between Zoe Smorgon Design, Partridge Engineers & ourselves.
CPD Points

Don’t forget to contact our office and book in for a cost-planning seminar to get two CPD points under the AIA’s Refuel system. 

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