What’s On The Horizon – March 2019

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What’s on the Horizon – March 2019

Project of the month

North Bondi residence II

The North Bondi II Residence is located only a few metres from the shore at Bondi Beach.

We worked with Tobias Partners to transform the original 1980s building from a beach house into a four-bedroom, modern urban home.

The build was particularly challenging – the site had difficult access, and internal finishes required a high level of care on installation. Unique features of the home include a copper fireplace, a pool cut into existing rock, terrazzo flooring and beeswax plaster walls.

The original home had very low ceiling heights, with minimal space for services. During the build, the structure needed to be highly secured to support the removal of walls and create beautiful wide, open-plan living spaces.

Despite the coastal setting, the owners didn’t want a typical beach-house feel.

Spread over three levels, the home includes a craft room, cinema room, music room, library that doubles as a guest room, and a large living area with sweeping views of Bondi Beach.

The design plays host to an eclectic selection of artwork, while remaining highly practical for a young, active family.

This is the second home we have built with this family. Horizon’s Pre-Construction Advisory Service, allowing for early contractor involvement, proved to add tremendous value to the process – allowing a fast start, and knowledge about key decisions, major risks, and budget and time parameters early, allowing for considered, informed decisions to be made. During the build, the owner/builder/architect relationship was further strengthened by good communication, close collaboration in regular site meetings, and quick decisions to address any issues, as soon they arose.

Architecture by Tobias Partners
Engineering by Partridge
Photos by Jason Alexander

Quality starts on day one

One of our core philosophies at Horizon is that Quality starts on day #1. It’s something we hammer home each and every day to all our project stakeholders, and has a few parallel meanings.

Firstly, the most obvious – we start thinking about quality from the first day on the job, and every day after.

But the truth is that we start thinking about how we are going to deliver quality from the day it first comes across our desks – often a year or more before we ever start on site. Quality doesn’t happen by accident, and you can’t just manage it as you go. Quality needs to be PLANNED.

Along those lines, in order to deliver a high quality outcome at the end, critical tasks like setout, which happens on “day one”, are essential to get right so that later we can have everything lining up the right way, when we hand over. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Everyone likes to look at beautiful joinery and nicely mitred tiles. To them, that’s “high quality”, and of course, they’re right. But an equally important way to look at it is that the things you don’t see are far more crucial to be “high quality” than the things that you do. There’s no point having a beautiful wardrobe on a damp wall. And to fix poor quality flashings and membranes is far more expensive and disruptive than changing over a cupboard door or even a tile…
Employee of the month

This month we meet Horizon Project Manager, Tom Richards.

How long have you been at Horizon?
Three & a half years.

What do you love about your job?
The challenges that come up daily. Interacting and communicating with the Foreman, Subcontractors and Designers. I particularly enjoy learning new aspects of construction & meeting new clients and developing good working relationships. It’s a great feeling when the clients are enjoying the process of building with us and absolutely loves their new home.
What are you working on at the moment?
Renovating a large house in Paddington, Renovating and building an additional structure to a Heritage building in Double Bay, managing a couple of early engagement jobs and starting a new bathroom addition in Dover Heights soon.
What do you enjoy about working with architects and designers?
The partnership we develop to deliver a well designed & built home for our clients. Learning what’s important to them from a design point of view and understanding how best to utilise their experience.

Where were you born?
Nottingham, England – the same as Robin Hood!

What has been your greatest professional achievement to date?
I’m proud of how much I’ve developed within this company in the short amount of time I’ve been here.

What’s the most useful thing you’ve learned throughout your career?
Dave’s 20 rules in building.
Three people you’d have over for a BBQ?
Nigella Lawson – to cook
Bruce Buffer – to announce “it’s time”
Kevin Hart – for the laughs
What do you do outside of work?
Go to the beach, gym, play cricket, watch football, chill with the GF, eat good food, drink & holiday as much as I can.
Recent news
2019 is our 30th year in business! From humble beginnings in East Balmain in 1989, we are extremely grateful for the support of all our stakeholders over the years. That of course includes all our loyal, dedicated, passionate and expert staff, as well as our subcontractors, designers and clients. It still gives us huge satisfaction to deliver outcomes that all our stakeholders enjoy – while we’re building, and for many years after. 30 years is a long time, with a lot of lessons learned along the way, that have helped us become the company we are today.
We were extremely chuffed to recently be named a finalist in two categories (Best new build & Best Joinery), in the Australia-wide Belle Magazine Luxury Home Building Awards, following up on our great success last year being named New Home Builder of the Year.

Mazal tov to our in-house Rabbi and Apprentice Carpenter, Dovy STRAITON and his wife Dvorah-Leah on the birth of their first son.

Congratulations to apprentices Ben ROBINSON, Oliver COLLINS, & Mitchel TALEVSKI on completing their apprenticeships and studies in Certificate III in Carpentry. All three are already well on their way to completing Certificate IV in Building, and we’re certain their learning won’t stop there!

Under Construction

Some carefully laid Carrara marble tiles in a herringbone pattern in our Double Bay residence III. Roof is on, Doors and windows are in, and the bathrooms and joinery are under way. Our delighted clients are moving in in 10 weeks, and the pressure is on!
A journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step. So too does the tiling of this unique building’s roof begin with the first sheet of lantern mosaics!! The final of what has been a process of multiple layers installed in order to help it deal with the weight of the roof, movement of tiles & substrate, expansion and contraction, fire rating (it’s a duplex), and of course waterproofing! #WatchThisSpace
Design by MCK Architects & Demlakian Engineers.
The Vault
Randwick Residence I
This project from several years back was a great collaboration with Design King Company & Partridge Engineers to renovate this small cottage in to a much larger residence for a growing family. A new extension to the rear, new living areas below, a bright, sunny new kitchen, two bathrooms and a laundry has made all the difference to their lives. We enjoyed working closely with Jon @ Design King and the family to deliver them their dream home, with the minimum of fuss for all involved.
CPD Points

Don’t forget to contact our office and book in for a seminar to get two free CPD points under the AIA’s “Refuel” CPD system.

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