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Horizon Special Works is your provider of choice
for high-end, intimate-scale home projects.

Horizon Special Works is a division of our company that focuses on projects of a more intimate scale, be it an apartment refurbishment, alterations and additions to a house, major renovations to a heritage home, remedial and urgently needed building repairs, or home maintenance programs designed to keep your property in its best condition.

We believe in building homes rather than houses. We want your home to be the place that will hold your memories and allow you to live your best life. It’s important to us that we get our part of it right.
Horizon has been building beautiful homes for architects, interior designers and homeowners for more than 30 years.

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Services provided for you

Upkeep & Maintenance

We understand that maintaining your most valuable asset can be time consuming.

That's why we work with you to set a maintenance plan to save you time. Our professional team of tradespeople and supervisors quickly learn how to take care of your home to help keep everything working and maintaining its value.

Horizon Upkeep is like a concierge service for the house. Whether we have built it or not, we can tailor a program for your needs and help determine whether a monthly, quarterly or annual service suits you best.
And we are always on call if something needs urgent attention.

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Remedial Repair

Our Remedial team specialises in the rectification and repair of buildings. We allow your home and property assets to perform and look as they should, extending their durability, lifespan, and ultimately their value.

Key competencies:

- Waterproofing
- Underpinning
- Cavity repairs
- Flashing repairs
- Render repairs
- Dampness
- Mould
- Storm damage
- Concrete cancer

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Renovations, Alterations & Additions

We work on building projects of all sizes and believe that doing so makes us better builders.

Clients often come back to us wanting a new deck or pergola, a garden retaining wall, fence or carport. Often, a kitchen or bathroom renovation is all that’s needed to really change the feeling and amenity of your home.

A major alteration to an existing house is where good building skills really come to the fore. These often intricate and detailed projects require sensitivity to the existing structure, a comprehensive understanding of how buildings have been built over time, and the ability to seamlessly knit new work into the old.

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How we work

Our honesty, efficiency and exacting building standards allow us to develop valued, respectful and long standing relationships with our clients. We are with you every step of the way, and our collaboration together extends beyond project completion.

Every job is different, and your own vision is unique. That’s why we meet you first to understand together what you want to achieve. It could be as simple as waterproofing your shower or a more complex 2nd storey renovation. Regardless, we are on this journey with you right from the start.

Once we have understood what you want to achieve, we start working on the very practical solutions. This may involve our Advisory team, or we may need to bring in external engineers. Whatever the problem, we have over 200+ years of experience that will provide you with the solution you require.

Generally, there are three drivers to the cost and complexity of a project – scale, structure and finishes. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all your costs and inclusions and agree with you what is in and out of scope. We can explain the consequences of the decisions you wish to make and guide you towards getting the best value for money.

We will assemble the best team for your job. Our project managers and estimators will be involved from the beginning. Our project manager will oversee the administration of the project, accommodate costs and any developments in the design. Once construction begins, our foreman will be on the ground guaranteeing the speed of construction, safety on site, continuity in design and superior quality control, all with the very best tradespeople.

By fostering a strong and inclusive team culture, we work hard to ensure your project is as stress-free as possible and delivers beyond your expectations. Part of being family owned is that we build your home as if it were our own. We build something with you that we would be proud to call our own.

Over the years we have come to realise that the job doesn’t stop with handing you over the keys. The earth moves, seasons change, and materials can expand or contract. So we are here with you for the long term. Just like you maintain your car and service it annually so you can your house. We will devise a tailor-made maintenance plan for you to ensure yours is the best home in the street.

Case Studies

An Extension & Renovation to a Terrace in Redfern

The renovation of this terrace in inner western Sydney centred on the complete restructuring of the rear of the house to make a generous kitchen and living area opening to a landscaped courtyard. A double brick boundary wall to the adjacent lane-way was demolished for easy access to the complicated structural work and rebuilt afterwards.

The client was an interior designer who had purchased a dilapidated terrace. In this case the designer knew exactly what she wanted on the inside but needed to work with Horizon to make her dreams and vision come true. The client had the designs but needed Horizon to pull the team together; a project manager, foreman and all the trades, working very closely with her.

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A Renovation to a Cottage in Vaucluse

Work at this family cottage was done in stages as the budget allowed. The priority was a new kitchen and the refurbishment of the main living level where the family spend most of their time. As it became affordable, extra work to the deck improved the outdoor living space next to the interior.

The pool was repaired, re-waterproofed and re-tiled. New paving and timber fencing completed the BBQ and garden storage areas. Inside, curved walls, with plaster applied over scored plaster-board, reference the Art Deco architecture of the house and enhance the flow of the interior spaces.

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A new deck and BBQ area to a duplex in Matraville

Previously, the rear of this semi-detached house had a small sliding door with little connection to the garden. The owners wanted to increase the value and the amenity of the property. The new deck creates a large living platform that is constantly used for cooking, entertaining and living.

The client desired a more useable outdoor entertainment area that would be easily accessible to from the living area. This would allow the client to enjoy many more hours with family and friends in the warm north facing backyard.

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