Potts Point Apartment I

We built this renovation of a three level, three bedroom, four-bathroom penthouse apartment in Potts Point.

The project involved the interior refurbishment of the apartment, and the addition of shading elements (such as pergolas, vergolas and privacy screens) to all balconies.

Once construction began on site, it quickly became apparent that the apartment had numerous water-related issues that proved to be challenging. The problems needed to be rectified before any finishes were installed into the apartment.

We undertook an exhaustive investigation process in collaboration with a waterproofing consultant, architect and the owner’s legal team, to test all windows and thresholds in the space.

From this, we prepared and executed a thorough plan of action, which involved stripping all balconies back to the structure and removing all windows and doors. We then systematically addressed each element to ensure that the final building would be watertight.

To keep the program moving, we prepared external elements during this time, which we installed as soon as the waterproofing works were complete.

Difficult access, fall risks, little parking and storage, and maintaining relationships with neighbours all presented further challenges that were overcome during this complicated but rewarding project.

Architect Ron Keir Design
Interior Design Pia Francesca
Engineer Northrop
Photography Brett Boardman
Location Potts Point, NSW